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    We Are Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of pigment yellow 12.The offered pigment is well-processed using quality approved chemicals and the latest techniques by our proficient personnel. Furthermore, our provided pigment is non-toxic and extensively util.

    Properties and Applications:red light yellow. Light yellow powder, melting point 317 ℃. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol. In concentrated sulfuric acid for red orange, dilution after brown light yellow, precipitation, In concentrated nitric acid for brown light yellow. Light fastness and transparency is very good. Mainly used in printing ink, paint, coatings, printing, rubber and plastic products coloring.


    C.I.Pigment Yellow 12,C.I.21090,CAS 15541-56-7/6358-85-6,629.49,C32H26Cl2N6O4,Irgalite Yellow LCD,Irgalite Yellow LCT,1138 benzidine yellow G,benzidine yellow,benzidine yellow G,benzidine yellow G2T,benzidine yellow GCW,benzidine yellow GO,benzidine yellow GT,benzidine yellow GTP Molecular Formula:C32H26Cl2N6O4

    Molecular Weight: 629.49

    CAS Registry Number:15541-56-7/6358-85-6

    Properties And Applications:Red Light Yellow. Light Yellow Powder, Melting Point 317 ℃. Insoluble In Water, Slightly Soluble In Alcohol. In Concentrated Sulfuric Acid For Red Orange, Dilution After Brown Light Yellow, Precipitation, In Concentrated Nitric Acid For Brown Light Yellow. Light Fastness And Transparency Is Very Good. Mainly Used In Printing Ink, Paint, Coatings, Printing, Rubber And Plastic Products Coloring.